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The moderators are a 24-hour team of 4,000 people with a response time of around 40 seconds.The entire process typically takes less than one minute.

Once the selfie is submitted, a third-party moderation team will check it against the account’s profile photo to confirm that everything matches.

With a 3-step verification process, Tour Bar stands apart as a leading international dating site, and a safe way to meet a new travel partner.

First, in an effort to even the playing field, the app announced that male users must respond to women’s messages within 24 hours or they lose the match.

CEO Whitney Wolfe also announced plans to take Bumble beyond dating into the world of business networking.

The company’s latest update is designed to prevent its users from falling prey to catfishers. Bumble’s new plan to outsmart scammers is a photo feature that prompts users to verify their accounts by submitting selfies.

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It's commonly used to verify the identity of a celebrity."In an era of catfishing and fake identities, authenticity is key, which is why we’re leveraging Twitter’s world-class verification system to make dating safer," reads a description on Loveflutter's website."We're like Tinder Select with a more transparent membership process, Loveflutter founder Daigo Smith tells Mashable, who first reported on Blue.

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