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In 2002, as part of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee, Stirling was granted city status.

The castle rock has been strategically significant since at least the Roman occupation of Britain, due to its naturally defensible crag and tail hill: the bedrock on which Stirling Castle was built.

Stirling also has a medieval parish church, the Church of the Holy Rude, where, on 29 July 1567, the infant James VI was anointed King of Scots by the Bishop of Orkney with the service concluding after a sermon by John Knox.

The poet King was educated by George Buchanan and grew up in Stirling.

Highlands elite: Charles Bruce, a descendant of King Robert the Bruce who as heir to the earldom of Elgin holds the title Lord Bruce, met and fell in love with Amanda Movius while she was vacationing in Scotland in 1989; the couple have three children together Born Amanda Movius in the family of an Alaskan engineer and an alcoholic housewife who ended her life by drowning in a bathtub, the future con artist left Fairbanks at age 18 to go to college in Washington state.

A ferry, and later bridge, on the River Forth at Stirling brought wealth and strategic influence, as did its tidal port at Riverside.Major battles during the Wars of Scottish Independence took place at the Stirling Bridge in 1297 and at the nearby village of Bannockburn in 1314 involving William Wallace and Robert the Bruce respectively.After the battle of Stirling Bridge, Wallace wrote to the Hanseatic leaders of Lübeck and Hamburg to encourage trade between Scottish ports (like Stirling) and these German cities.Having secured Stirling castle, they built the first stone bridge over the Forth.On the top they reportedly raised a crucifix with the inscription: "Anglos, a Scotis separat, crux ista remotis; Arma hic stant Bruti; stant Scoti hac sub cruce tuti." Bellenden translated this loosely as "I am free marche, as passengers may ken, To Scottis, to Britonis, and to Inglismen." It may be the stone cross was a tripoint for the three kingdom's borders or marches; "Angles and Scots here demarked, By this cross kept apart.

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