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Blur Background is the fourth one down – select with your finger or the controller and a slider will come up which you can move to make more blurry. Buy a 45mm 1.8 lens However, if you’re really after some beautiful blur in your backgrounds, then I would advise buying the 45mm 1.8 lens.

To access, bring up your SCP and find it on the bottom line. I wouldn’t say this is the magic answer to getting great blur, but it’s helpful if you’re just using the kit lens.

ie more of your photo will be blurry, which is great for more artistic type shots.

But if you want to assign particular functions to your dial and buttons, press Menu, go into the cog Settings icon and go to B Button/Dial.

Tap the icon and it changes to finger on two lines, that means by tapping you’ll take the picture (which tbh, I find a bit annoying as I always like to see my focus properly first!

) and tap again to turn off, the icon will go white. Change your aspect ratio This is so useful, mainly because you can set you camera to square to take shots for Instagram.

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It’s a full-screen menu that allows you to easily access all you camera settings like ISO, aperture, white balance, manual focus and so in.

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