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Our current research focuses on these skeletal disorders and injuries with limited repair and healing potential, including osteoporotic fracture, avascular osteoneocrosis (AVN) around joints with extremely high incidence of OA, and tendon-bone insertion reconstruction.

A significant reduction in quantity and quality of stem cells, especially bone marrow stem cells (BMSCs), are the most common features in these disorders.

This proposed study of GIT cancers in Hong Kong using several integrative and novel approaches aimed to elucidate key drivers for tumor metastasis, heterogeneity, and evolution of chemoresistance will allow us to translate our findings into the clinic to improve diagnosis and patient stratification and identify actionable targets for precision medicine.

These studies will help to establish real-time analysis and accelerate the technology translation to the clinic to improve metastatic cancer control.

Unlike any of the existing rechargeable battery technologies that operate on either charge or discharge, the e-fuel storage system can simultaneously store and release electricity, thus forming a stand-alone renewable power supply to power off-grid communities.

The stand-alone e-fuel cell even holds the potential to propel next-generation vehicles, offering not only a safer driving experience, but also a refueling time akin to that of gasoline.

Ultimately, this research will result in an electricity-fuel-electricity conversion system with unprecedented efficiencies exceeding 80%.Substantial costs are involved in surgeries and subsequent rehabilitations for these severe musculoskeletal conditions and injuries that imposes huge socioeconomic and healthcare burden to the patient, family, healthcare system, and society in Hong Kong and worldwide.Therefore, our collaborative and multidisciplinary research focuses on enhancing treatment outcome of these skeletal disorders or injuries by augmenting the regenerative potential of autologous BMSCs and mobilizing circulating stem cells to bone defects for bone regeneration.To enhance osteogenesis, we will investigate the recruitment of circulating stem cells, mobilization of local BMSCs onto surface of the implanted biomaterials, and cell-matrix signalling with modulation of biophysical stimulation.To achieve our study objectives for targeting above mentioned musculoskeletal problems, this project will be divided into three stages: 1) Osteogenic modulation of BMSCs for skeletal tissue engineering; 2) Investigation on the treatment efficacy of implanted innovative biomaterials and postoperative non-invasive biophysical modulation for maximizing the osteogenic efficacy using our well-established preclinical animal models; 3) Completion of the required biosafety testing for Class III medical implants for product registration and prepare for subsequent clinical trials.

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Blood-based cancer diagnostics provide real-time insight to monitor patients and to enable physicians to optimize cancer treatments of evolving tumors for targeted intervention.

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