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It is also worth noting that the beauty of Slavic women is built on individuality.

They rarely try to copy the style and appearance of famous actresses and models, as Europeans and Americans often do, but prefer to stand out among other women. The family is a sacred connection for Slavic women.

Slavic mothers bring up children in a spirit of respect and discipline.

They teach children to work hard and respect the elders.

They have retained the concept of “family hearth” in its original form and do not allow anyone from outside to influence this.

For most Slavic women (especially the older generation) raising children is the main purpose of life.

NLP — Neuro Linguistic Programming — is a fancy term to describe subliminal rhetoric that plays on the natural human tendency to suggestibility (aka the need to feed the ego).

The comparison makes me look better on the dance floor than I am, and more importantly her awkward rug-cutting opens fresh avenues of value display and subliminal flirting. She stumbled a bit (as I assumed she would from a quick visual analysis of her mind-body-physiognomy axis). CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON OF LOVE: “Ok, you’ll bend backward a little after the third step…step one……step two…….aaand step 3…back!” HER: *bends at a clumsy angle* “See, I’m not much of a dancer.” CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON OF LOVE: “You’re a natural.” HER: “Hah, no I’m not.” CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON OF LOVE: “Don’t run from it.” We stop dancing, I chat her up off-stage, and then exit while she’s distracted by someone else she knows.FYI this tactic of stealthily exiting a budding flirtship unannounced, and returning twenty minutes later to a mouth-agape eye-widened curious girl wondering where you went off to, is dynamite on a girl’s mental vagina.Today, such a clear division has long been absent, but respect for men has been preserved subconsciously.Reasonable people think that the folklore about the large proportion of beautiful women among the Slavic peoples is not objective.

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