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This first appeared in the Sacramentarian controversy between Luther and Zwingli (1524).

They met in conference at Marburg in 1529, but came to no agreement.

The new teachings, however underwent a great change after Luther's return from Wartburg (1521).

Before he died (18 Feb., 1546), his teachings had been propagated in many states of Germany in Poland, in the Baltic Provinces, in Hungary, transylvania, the Netherlands, Denmark and Scandinavia.

Original sin is explained as a positive and total depravity of human nature, which renders all the acts of the unjustified, even those of civil righteousness, sinful and displeasing to God.

Justification, which is not an internal change, but an external, forensic declaration by which God imputes to the creature the righteousness of Christ, comes only by faith, which is the confidence that one is reconciled to God through Christ.

The Protestant League was continually increased by the accession of other states, and a religious war broke out in 1546, which resulted in the Peace of Augsburg (1555).

Besides these formulæ of belief, Lutheranism acknowledges six specific confessions which distinguish it from other churches: These nine symbolical books (including the three Creeds ) constitute what is known as the "Book of Concord", which was first published at Dresden in 1580 by order of Elector Augustus of Saxony (see FAITH, PROTESTANT CONFESSIONS OF).Lutheranism dates from 31 October, 1517, when Luther affixed his theses to the church door of the castle of Wittenberg.Although he did not break with the Catholic Church until three years later, he had already come substantially to his later views on the plan of salvation.The hopes of union created by the compromise formula of 1536, known as the Concordia Wittenbergensis , proved delusive.Luther continued to make war on the Zwinglians until his death.

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From these European countries Lutheranism has been carried by emigration to the New World , and in the United States it ranks among the leading Protestant denominations.

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