Best intro line for online dating

In that case, I introduce myself by name and tell her that I found her profile interesting and ask a specific question, like what type of movies she likes, or what type of music she listens to, or where she likes hiking.

I try hard to keep it interesting, but most of the time get absolutely ignored.

For example, the post office, the library, a museum, a wedding, a funeral, the market, the gas station, a department store, the park, the beach, the subway, a restaurant, even on a busy street in the middle of Manhattan.

So I've been on this website for a couple of months and it just baffles me how guys approach me or probably any woman on here...would love to here your best intro line just because I think guys think it's okay to use certain ones and at times they are the worst ever. Maybe she mentioned she liked tv or music or something general like that.

If there's a big crowd and she's with a lot of people and it's very noisy it's a bad place to meet and introduce yourself. She probably can't hear you well and you can't hear her.

But that's a problem because most guys try to meet women at a club, filled with noise, dancing and drunks.

Whether here or on real life, I just go with what I feel at the moment and start a normal conversation when I talk to a girl.

There's no one particular thing I say, it just comes to me depending on the mood or vibe I get from her.

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