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But with Lennon the tension from the verse continued in the middle part.Besides that, in this song it is not only a key change in the transition to the middle part, it is even a little key change in it.

–If you play the beginning of Please Please Me slowly, you can hear the similarities with the Westminster bells ringing.–All You Need Is Love has another way: First talking, then repeating half singing, then singing, and finally the climax in chorus.–The melody does not changes, but the background.For example in Strawberry Fields Forever and in Julia the singing melody uses the same notes, but instead the accompaniment changes! He got tired of his sang melodies in Boheme and in Tosca he composed a lot where the sang melodies are often on the same notes, but the background changes instead. For example, in the middle part of Please Please Me, Lennon makes an octave run in "…it's so hard to reason with YOU…", the climax of the song. Lennon said that "a good song must have climax and resolve".–Only one chord.– Other ways of increase the tension by Lennon is to pack together several little songs.Happiness Is A Warm Gun consists of three or four songs, and Bring On The Lucie consists of three songs.

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