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The only difference is the way the Farangs speak, and the perception of Indians and the color of their skin. The percentage of farangs who pull that crap (relative to the total number of farang tourists in pattaya) is FAR less than the percentage of Indians (relative to the total number of Indian tourists in pattaya) who do it.

She said yes so quick I felt like I could have got a better deal BBHJ was ok then put her in to a couple position before I released. Staying at Fraser Suites the massage parlor is the first massage parlor to the left next to the 7'11 they wear black. There were four Asian men walking in in front of me and then he stuck his hand out and said you buy beer first.

Understand you are pissed off about CH policy but take your chance next time because you only live once and don't let emotions ruin your holidays.

During my visit even after we got in to gogos after paying cover charges, we got the worst seat in the club plus they kept sending the ugliest girls our way.

It has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with a reputation built over the years.

The reality is that there are as many cheap Farangs as there are Indians that go to Pattaya.

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