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Many of these students don't know where to go on campus to get help or information about their options.Frankly, all domestic violence and dating violence survivors face challenges when it comes to reporting and/or seeking help in the face of such incidents, but these hurdles can be particularly high for college students.Smart schools will also include students, faculty, staff and community partners in their efforts. Moving forward, colleges and universities must learn more about dating violence and domestic violence -- the students they serve are experiencing it every day and schools can and must play a key role in addressing it.This means campus officials need training to look for signs of dating and domestic violence, and to be aware of how it intersects with campus life.

“It makes it difficult because we can’t do anything and we know it is happening, but there is nothing we can do [if they don’t report it].” According to law enforcement and academic officials, the statistics fluctuate according to the size of the university.“Domestic violence is in every ethnic, socio-economic background,” said Fort Collins District Attorney Emily Humphrey.“It doesn’t matter if you are educated or a male or female, domestic violence has been around.” “People don’t think that the crime can happen, but it does.“Students are the most at risk for dating violence, because they aren’t experienced to see what red flags there are, and what is dangerous and abusive,” said Linda Johnston, director of the Ending of Violence Against Women Project. People think it has to be physical, but it can be verbal — it is just a different form of abuse.” Because students do not always know what is normal in a relationship, according to Johnston, the offenders can make excuses for the abuse with reasons like love, and often blame the victim for bringing on the abuse.For this reason, many domestic violence crimes do not get reported because the victim will be fearful to report or leave the offender.

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Further, much like effective sexual assault prevention programs, this work can't just start in college -- education regarding healthy and safe relationships as well as bullying and harassment prevention programs should start early in children's lives and continue throughout their education.

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