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With a top speed of 103 miles per hour, it was highly maneuverable in a dogfight if handled properly.

This aircraft was so fast, it outran every fighter of its day – giving the Army the (mistaken) impression that it could fly without fighter escorts.Strategic bombing was an idea which grew out of the early experiences of WWI. 31, but it had three Isotta-Fraschini 100-hp water-cooled in-line engines.The Italian Caproni company built the first ever long range, multiengine aircraft primarily designed to drop bombs, and not to fight other aircraft. Three months after Italy’s entry into WWI, the first Ca.Using a mini biplane whose wings were to fall off, several were built but none saw combat – but it was an innovation well ahead of its time.It had a range of 75 miles, and was intended to deliver 180 lbs of high explosives.

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The jaw dropping tour was quick, but the comments and memories invoked by Dr. Below is a summary of the “Top Ten” exhibits we visited.

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Long, Mary Angeling (Padgett) Biesecker, Frank Douglas Best, Rachel Clementine (Padgett) Best, John Lewis Padgett, Minerva Ann (Runkle) Padgett, Joel Michael Padgett, Ida Clara (Law) Padgett, Louis Edward Camblin, Clara Adaline (Padgett) Camblin, James Ambrose Padgett, Ida Ellen (Padgett) Martin and Edgar Leonce Martin; 2) Padgett siblings – Ida Ellen (Padgett) Martin, Mary Angeline (Padgett) Biesecker, Joel Michael Padgett, John Lewis Padgett, James Ambrose Padgett, Rachel Clementine (Padgett) Best, Clara Adaline (Padgett) Camblin Photo 1916 Padgett Reunion: Ed Camblin, Dan Markley, Ed Martin, Ross Padgett, Hershel Padgett, Lawson Camblin, Frank Best, Opal Padgett, Buelah Padgett, Harley Padgett, Jim Padgett, Ruby Deardurff, John Padgett, Ida Martin, John Deardurff, Effie Deardurff, Clara Camblin, Dorothy Padgett, Wanetta Deardurff, Wencil Markley, Mike Padgett, Emma Deardurff, Rachel Best, Ida Padgett, Bernadetta Markley, John Gridley, Lucille Padgett, Bethel Deardurff, Maude Padgett, Bernice Gridley, Mary Biesecker, Laura Markley, Minerva Padgett, Vivian Padgett, Howard Padgett, Susie (Whiteman) Padgett, Gilbert Best, Roy Padgett, Harold Martin Photo: Courthouse Crew, circa 1967-68 Christmas Party- John, Barce, Lowell Ford, Eugene Turnpaugh, Don Lawrence, Judge Newell Lamb, George Vann, Russell Zell, Harry Hawn, Fred Friedline, Melvin Fisher, Bob Mc Coy, Leona Pasel, Lloyd Brunton, Otis Anderson, Jack Haynes, Truman Musser, Margaret Snavely, Lucille Davidson, Ted Bumbleburg, Evelyn Glenn, Lucille Johnson, Walter Miller, Dorothy White, Ed Geswein, Eloise Schuster, Kay Ford, Lois Larson, John Connell, Jackie Lamb, Betty Yost, Vivian Ferguson, Pauline Hiestand, Opal Taylor, Juanita Hall, Mary Knowlton, Dorothy Kissinger, Bev Haynes, Barbara Mc Clatchey, Mary Wirick Photos, interior adornments of the Newton County Courthouse: 1) picture of Alexander J. monument in memory of Newton County Civil War Veterans People, Places & Things – Lake Village Post Cards provided by Harry Lawbaugh: 1) wagon bridge over the big ditch near Lake Village, IN; 2) Big Ditch Lake Village, IN; 3) Kankakee River near Lake Village; 4) , 5) both cards Kankakee River View, believed from Sumava Resorts, IN; 6) builders of Lake Village School Cooper photos: 1) Avalynne and Roy Cooper; 2) Gary and Karen (Sanders) Cooper; 3) Gary & Karen’s daughters – Autumn, Meagan, Kristen, Erin, Heather, Laura, Kara and Leah; 4) Bill, Debra, Marylynne, Trevor, Chelsea Cooper Photos: 1) Sectional Champs – John Cronke, Jim Lodes, Don Hunter, Dave Rybarski, John Kessler, Tom Shuey, Dave Brandt, Frank Stucker, Gene Deardurff, Dave Boyd, Dale Purkey, Gene Hendryx, Les Kline, Calvin Schultz; 2) State Street Morocco, ca 1949 Damon Howell photos: Enos School, 1916 classroom photo; 2) Templeton School, located at the SW corner of 100W and 400N – Bernice Kitts, teacher, Esther Howell, Ewart Howell, Arthur Howell, Eldon Howell Stories and Pictures of the Brook Sesquicentennial Celebration, July 1-4, 2006. Dickinson; Riverside Farm, Will Martin; Home of White Leghorns, Frances Jessen; Crystal Spring Stock Farm, Rolland Ade; Riverview Farm, Harry Warr The First Newton County Council submitted by Beth Bassett – Photos: Hon. State Street, Chicago, Il.; 21) Platt Conrad; 22) Platt in football uniform – graduated in 1903 University of Chicago Plaque Placed at the Gravesite of the Last County Civil War Soldier: John Sarver. House in background part of the Irvy Christenson residence. Amsler (Director), Ronnie Hickman, Judith Cupp, Patricia Kriz, Mike Murphy, Donald Hoon, Scott Clark, Gary Clark, Harold Clevinger, Janet Merriman, Judy Sullivan, Harold Smith, Walter Leichty, Virginia Sutherlin, Marvin Baldwin, Richard Rusk, Peggy Williams, Carol Collings, Roger Chamberlain, Darrel Elijah. (2) Four generations: Marion Morgan Alexander, Lulu Dell (Alexander) Campbell, Marilla (Campbell) Walkup, Ward Walkup Photos: (1) Wallace Abraham and Virginia Catherine (Dietz) Walkup. Photos: Initial offices for the REMC were in the county Courthouse; (1) 207 E Goss Street, Kentland, served as REMC home until 2011; (2) picture of first location noted in REMC history at 202 N Third Street, Kentland Images of Kentland Trains and Tower Notes Now Available at Resource Center. (2) Photo of display on Beaver Lake presented by Beth Bassett at Newton County’s Earth Day celebration at Lake Village Fire Department. Photo: Joan (Madison) Ragan, Minnie Christenson, Mary Flagg, Mrs. List derived from sources mentioned earlier, Joseph Hiestand, Elmore Barce and the Kankakee Marsh Place-Name article written by Philip Vierling. (4) “The Girl of the Sunny South” to be presented at the Opera House by the Baughman-Gustine Co, assisted by local talent Tom Gott, “Bunny” Gott, “Fritz” Gott, Meridith Lowe. Ten murals depicting” Home of Hoosier Hospitality, Edgar “Sam” Rice, Dr. High School, arrival of pioneers, September 11, 2001, Willow Slough, Beaver Township Firehouse and Community Center, Recher Park, Intec and various organizations in Morocco. Hosted a “Neighbor to Neighbor” program with Indiana Historical Society, Benton County Historical Society and Jasper County Historical Society.