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His musicianship straddles the line between perfection (“Swallow Your God”) and amateurism so much so that it sometimes borders on ‘noise rock’.

“Merciless” is one of the most melodic songs on the record, jumping between Chiodos-esque guitar riffs to a chorus that plays a counterbalance to Havok’s building vocals.

Each song is an aggressive question about the listener’s lifestyle choices and way of life.

Mixed with the piercing screams (the hardest he’s ever screamed, by the way), it’s almost uncomfortable to listen to.

Additionally, DREAMCAR, the super group of the No Doubt band with Davy Havok on vocals are set to release their debut album this year.

There’s no indication of what their collaboration will sound like, but I know enough about Davy Havok to know he wouldn’t be a part of a project he didn’t believe he could make magic happen with.

While AFI’s discography is phenomenally strong, the singles indicate one of their best endeavors in several years.While I don’t know that much about No Doubt personally, people sure seem to like them.Either way, the prospects of more than one project from a group of artists known to taking their time is something in and of itself to be excited for.XTRMST is a straight-edge (no alcohol, no drugs, no meaningless sex) hardcore band.It sounds simple, but it’s a complex union that is without a doubt the most controversial album the Havok/Puget collaborations have released.

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