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Mixture, which was called"Versatz"("tab"), consisted of half the kaolin, White aluminium oxide, which does not melt, a quarter of feldspar, who served as a fluxing agent, and quarters of quartz. Porcelain mixture is stringy material, after making the forms they need drying in the open air. First, biscuit, roasting, the 900S, during the first firing of porcelain mass is compacted, and at the time of the second firing is glassiness.At the time of the second firing in 1350-1450S flux wraps kaolin, remaining at the time of burning particulate, and enters into his pores. Glaze, which is similar to the porcelain, but in liquid form, is before the second firing and firing during the cult's surface.It should be noted that Chinese porcelain from the modern point of view, the soft porcelainbecause it includes substantially fewer than in hard kaolin, European porcelain, it also Burns at a lower temperature and less solid».In Europe 16-18 centuries, famous Chinese porcelain, and German Masters sought to unravel his recipe (just say, moral foster creativity distinct to the only German Masters Chinese contribution into development of the porcelain manufacture).The legend of the supposedly unique Chinese porcelain is a pure misunderstanding, the fruit of the paradoxical failure to understand the public to study the history of the European ceramics present, so-called hard paste porcelain first invented in Saxony in the beginning of 18 century a class a soft porcelain were known in Europe without China, at least from the 15 century."In Europe, the hard porcelain (Porcelain) called held strong firing ceramics, transparent to the light.

In practice between these two definitions, the difference is small, since any sufficiently hard for Chinese standards, being quite thin, semi-transparent and will".There was a flourishing of ceramic production in Saxony, Dippoldiswalde, already been baking stoneware at temperatures 1200-1300 s.probably that is why experiments Bettger began in this area. Chemistry as a science in its modern sense did not exist."Johann Friedrich Bettger (1682-1719) started to conduct experiments on porcelain in 1707/1708, led to the creation of"rothes Porcelain"(red porcelain) - fine ceramics.Experiments were conducted in areas where even with the 1400 's.

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German alchemist Johann Friedrich Bettger, as any good Alchemist, was getting thumbed gold.

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