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An inquest heard how one user telling him to '****ing do it' because they believed he was 'play acting'.He was logged on with around 50 other users to a special 'insult' chatroom where people 'have a go at each other' and initially the members did not believe he would go through with it.'I called my local police station but I'm based 100 miles out of London so they had to hang up the phone to call the Met Police.All this time Gregory was struggling and dying in front of us.' Mail Online has made repeated attempts to contact Paltalk, a US tech firm based in New York.

They will usually only intervene in cases where specific people are being harassed or threatened.Throat Punch said: 'As an admin in the room at the time this tragedy took place, the frustration of not being able to contact police because dialling 101 or 999 from a country outside the UK became immediately apparent.'By the time it took me to get a room member from the UK to contact 999, it was way too late.'Sitting by watching people ignore requests to call police was truly futile.' According to users of the forum, there is no clear way of flagging up terrorism or concerning posts to people in power at Paltalk.'You can't get hold of anyone,' one man said.Take a run, take a run with me Where the sky is blue forever Run away'Til the end of time And dear buddy don't you cry when she goes Cause life is cynical despite your heart of gold Oh no, buddy don't you cry as they go Life makes us critical, it all began to change and go Oh oh oh Where did they all run to?Take a run, take a run with me Where the sky is blue forever Run away with me Run away, where the sky is blue forever Oh oh oh Where did they all run to?

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'Pal Talk is routinely used by internationally recognized and designated terrorist groups for communication and recruitment,' said Evan Kohlmann, a consultant for Flashpoint told CNN in 2012.

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