Limitations of radiometric age dating

A schematic of the rock layers is shown above [from 1992 article by Andrew Snelling with].The lowermost layer shown is the Vishnu Complex, consisting of rocks that have been deeply buried, heated, and transformed (metamorphosed).S., are likely to encounter students with strongly held YE beliefs. They have significant reasons behind their beliefs.Understanding these reasons can help teachers treat these students in a helpful and respectful manner.We find a consistent pattern of misrepresentation and withholding of information by the YE creationist scientists who have the training to know better.

The layers further up the Canyon wall are composed of a variety of rocks (shales, sandstone, limestone).We march through this article, note the points made by the creationists, and show them to be at odds with reality.Finally, we attempt to understand how intelligent, good-willed folks like these YE creationists can continue to believe that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong in interpreting the geology of the Grand Canyon.The flats on either side are mainly the Tapeats Sandstone layer, with a gray slope of soft Bright Angel Shale showing at upper right.Note the side canyons coming in at roughly right angles to the main Canyon.

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