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I have extended the special from last month and it is as follows: Buy 1 get 1 for or buy 3 get 1 free. I've never really been into Goth chicks until I saw Liz Viscous , but definitely have a new appreciation since.The details are you must use the prices listed on my website. Although I've always had a thing for pale girls..long as they are not pasty white, I've always thought of Goths as not very attractive, and usually all tatted. I was feeling like I was jhlipton there for a moment..that there's anything wrong with that.

The good thing is that the climate is not as dire politically as it was when Bush was in office, but Texas has been and always will be a conservative state. After a while, new (faster) funding options will mysteriously appear, but are not to be asked about or discussed on a forum.

Tourist Trap II was a disappointment but I & II taped back to back makes for a great two hour movie.

As an aside, anyone else notice that one of the Erotic Perversion loops has the same "star" in the same location (basement storeroom with her laying on some sort of wheeled package truck) undergoing a series of torments in each loop? It's the only two loops were I might question how 'consensual' it is when you see her from above while she's hanging and she seems to silently mouth the words "please help me" and mean it. I have most all of them but on VHS with The Experiment the only one I've found locally on DVD.

Shocker: Sorry to hear about your difficulties attempting to make your first bondage film. Next up on the playlist is a fun little claymation piece involving cannibalism and a naked bound and gagged victim. Hello, Here is some clarifications and such about my site, sales, etc. Because the evil credit card companies want to censor what you can purchase, nicheclips was established 6 years or so to help our "necro-fetish" community survive by creating a pre-funded payment system.

Unfortunately, you're just getting a small taste of the hardships that today's bondage producers face every day. (See link above.) It's fun in a cheesy and fake way (bad acting, no whip marks, no sweat). It has had years to become well established so many folks that are my regular customers are used to the initial delay of setting up an account and sending in a payment by Pony Express, er, I mean USPS.

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  3. That has been my problem with films such as The Girl Next Door. Chaos gets a pass from me because Kevin Gage ("Chaos") looks so much like Sid Haig, and I could easily see Haig filling this role, that it plays up the fantasy element.