Known problems updating zywall firmware

So far, I have not seen any negative affect for having used it.If you were paying for metered/limited bandwidth and leave your VPN "nailed up", though, you may have consequences from your connection being in use at all times, so do be careful.The Zy XEL Device performs two actions when the nailed-up feature is enabled. Second, the Zy XEL Device will try to bring up the connection when turned on and whenever the connection is down.A nailed-up connection can be very expensive for some reasons.Asus has released patches as of version

Another flaw not to be missed is the Misfortune Cookie from December 2014.

Another flaw is in the same code that was reported buggy in 2015, the infosvr service which listens on LAN side UDP port 9999.

The buggy routers are the RT-AC88U, RT-AC3100, RT-AC86U, RT-AC68U and RT-AC66U.

That said, their tech support seems pretty responsive and helpful, as long as you only need their help during business hours (8-5PM Pacific Time).

If you care about the security of your router, and you should, it is best to avoid consumer grade routers. You may be thinking that all software is buggy, but router software is probably worse.

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Regarding setting up VPNs on Zywall USG products, if you have a problem where your VPN connections do not restore automatically after a reboot, you may consider activating the "nailed-up" option in the Advanced Settings section of the VPN Connection tab for that particular connection.

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