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Molly felt slighted when her needs were not anticipated by nurses and administrative staff, as if they were disrespecting her personally.

Molly experienced her aides as not taking care of her as they should; not caring about her fatigue; her need for charts to be up to date and for all pre-exams to be done before she consulted with a patient or went in to perform surgery.

They react instantly to any observation about them that isn’t superlative.

They tend to withdraw and treat others as potentially hostile and dangerous, and likely to victimize them.

A thin skin narcissist like Molly fumed under her breath, she was cold and rude to everyone around her, including neighbors who agreed to water her plants when she was away at a conference but drowned them instead.She felt that her colleagues and assistants were less conscientious than her, and made her job much harder than it need be.Her assistants kept asking her stupid questions instead of doing the job they were hired for, and not nearly supportive enough when she was backed up or had emergency surgeries to perform.She was furious that she was not lovable or good enough.She compared herself to others constantly, envying them, wanting to destroy what they had, and get it herself.

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