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People always talk about how things have changed and how we’re so much more accepted, but there’s not queer women on the pop charts and there’s not queer women on rock radio and there’s not really any queer women breaking that glass ceiling that I think exists when you’re not something to be objectified by men and women.

One of my favourite things about our band is that we can always count on the queer community.

That’s probably what people imagine I’m like, so maybe I should try a year where I just give in to all that. My life more closely resembles my friends who are teachers than my friends who are musicians.” I like the idea of a structured year of rebellion. But there were lots of years when we really pushed back against this idea that our sexuality was relevant and that our music had some kind of categorization because of our sexuality.

What I started to realize, while [we were] becoming a more popular mainstream band and seeing our audiences diversify, is that I really want to honour that element.

We were 27, and I think a lot of people talk about that being the first moment of realizing that’s just the rest of your life. “The one thing I wish I could change about that time—and it’s still something Tegan and I grapple with—is that we were ‘yes people.’ I don’t mean that in a martyrish way; it’s just the way we always were.

I remember it was when we had started to have a little bit of financial success in our lives—certainly compared to our earlier records. ’ I remember feeling an oppressive weight, wondering what this is all for.When I moved out after high school, I remember the woman I was dating was a dancer and a yoga teacher and whatever, and she was not shaming but she’d say ‘You’re drinking poison. Most people are upset by the amount of caffeine I ingest. I’m just thinking about it because I only got onto coffee when I was 28, and it completely restructured my day.I was keeping a more stereotypical musician’s lifestyle.“I think we’ve lived through that and we’ve seen ourselves break onto the pop charts and we’ve been to the Oscars and we’ve had lots of mainstream success.” But that mainstream success wasn’t an accident.Tegan and Sara consciously changed up their sound in a way that both required and encouraged the critical reappraisal of pop music.

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