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Based on that, you’re assigned one of four personality types: Another site, Ok Cupid, is the one with a sense of humor: its dating persona test has 32 possible outcomes, from the reliable Slow Dancer to the smooth Playboy, from the playful Peach to the hopeful Window Shopper.

These are based on four dimensions that measure sex drive, predictability, intelligence, love experience, and “inherent goodness.” On the other side of the battlefield are the skeptics: they doubt that these personality tests can predict long-term relationship bliss, and instead talk about chemistry (in one form or another).

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Rather than do matching, Sparkology just reorders the profiles you see based on your clicks, views, messages, likes/dislikes, and blocks on the site.

Despite e Harmony’s protests, many dating sites have come to the conclusion that shared interests fuel romance.

“Do you and your potential mate resolve conflict in a similar fashion? ” It also denounces chemistry: “Almost all marriages start out with good chemistry, yet 3 out of 4 couples end up unhappy or divorced.” has spawned two dating sites that have a similar philosophy. Helen Fisher, TED speaker and author of “Why We Love.” Its personality test asks about traits like risk aversion, spontaneity, and emotional intelligence, and also makes hopeful singles measure their index and ring fingers and judge smiles for phoniness.The Labs conduct research on relationship dynamics, some of which helps improve e Harmony itself.With over 20 million registered users, e Harmony takes an active stand against other dating sites’ approaches, like interest-based matching.At stake in this battle is survival, the spoils of a multi-billion-dollar industry, and a title as the best dating site. From Aristotle to today’s heartbroken teenagers, everyone has a different theory.Yet dating sites are implicitly answering this question by the ways they match people and by the information on profile pages.

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