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he had arrived in LA and detoxed in his hotel room over the two days before the show’s taping.

He claims he was sober when he walked into his dressing room ahead of the show, where he found a bottle of vodka.

And it’s so much fun to be together.” Mc Graw does have a special anniversary gift in mind for her husband, Dr. “I have picked something out for him,” she told PEOPLE.

Phil Mc Graw and his wife think they know the key to a successful marriage.So, Marianne says, they told the show's producers Jordan needed heroin.That unnamed producer allegedly advised Marianne to try Skid Row - an area of downtown LA notorious for its impoverished residents.Phil and his wife have previously revealed that their fathers were both alcoholics, a pain that Mc Graw says drew the couple closer.“I’ve been with him for 43 years, and I’ve never seen him take a drink,” she admitted.

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