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I’ve also really enjoyed my psychological consulting projects this year around supporting resilience for humanitarian workers, and feel lucky that I have two such different and interesting professional passions.

Also, in a strange side-note to 2017, an actor/director in LA has acquired an option to the movie rights to my first novel, My Hands Came Away Red.

We’ve been ziplining and go-carting and snorkeling and kayaking and swimming in our own backyard, when the pool isn’t a green swamp. Our beautiful pool that we so enjoy when it is sparkling has been a constant battle and significant expense to keep clean and we often remind ourselves that we will buy a house with a pool again.

We’re glad we have it now, and we just can’t imagine it would ever be worth it outside the tropics.

Along the way we had a lot of fun, some quality family time, some extremely un-fun periods with the kids. Too much sugar too much adrenaline – enough sleep – familiar routine = ??? In and around Port Vila we’ve also had a lot of fun times this year.

Mike’s parents and my sister and her family live about 45 minutes apart from each other near Washington DC, so the month was a kaledeiscope of family & friends, a road trip to Pennsylvania to show the boys where Mike grew up (and the chance to sleep in Grandpa Tom’s and Nana Rose’s motorhome!!

He’s a snuggly, sweet panda bear of a boy (particularly proud of the fact that he’s 4 kilos heavier than his older brother) and really loves to be around his people, watch TV, and play pretend games.He really loves to light fires, climb up things, be outside, go camping, and cut things with knives.Mike was pleased (and relieved) to wrap up a project developing the largest water system in Vanuatu on one of the most conflict-prone islands in Vanuatu. It’s a much-needed pause between the busy build-up to Christmas and turning the page to a new year. ), and a couple of nights away with just the four of us in a friend’s cabin in West Virginia.This year I’m spending that gap with Mike and the boys in New Zealand. In July, the boys and I had a last-minute trip to Australia for a couple of weeks of winter.

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Wherever the end of this year finds you I hope you’re well in body, mind, spirit, and relationships.

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