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Unlike the Data Reader, a Data Set is a provider-neutral data object.

There's no Sql Data Set or Ole Db Data Set - just a plain, ol' Data Set.

' Establish Connection Dim my Connection as New Sql Connection(connection string) my Connection.

Open() ' Create command Dim my Command as New Sql Command(SQL query or stored procedure, my Connection) ' Create the Data Adapter Dim my Data Adapter as New Sql Data Adapter(my Command) ' Create the Data Set Dim my Data Set as New Data Set ' Fill the Data Set my Data Adapter. method populates the Data Set with the results of the specified query.

While these types of Data Sets still suffer from the performance issues noted in this article, they are much preferred to loosely-typed Data Sets.

For more on strongly-typed Data Sets, check out my tutorial series Working with Data in ASP. Before I can explain why I choose to use Data Readers over Data Sets in my Web applications, it's imperative that we all have an understanding of the fundamentals of both Data Sets and Data Readers. NET a provider is some source of data, and there exist provider-specific classes for working with particular providers.

NET, the Data Reader is roughly thirty times more performant than the Data Set.

For large amounts of data being brought back - several hundred or several thousand records - the absolute time differences between accessing data with these two objects can be quite pronounced.

Whereas a database can have relationships among its tables, along with various data integrity constraints on the fields of the tables, so too can a Data Set have relationships among its Data Tables and constraints on its Data Tables' fields.

Regardless of whether or not you bring back database data using a Data Set or Data Reader, you can display the underlying data in a Data Grid, Data List, or Repeater using the exact same code. Simply put, the Data Set's increased feature set makes it a less performant choice for reading data than the Data Reader.

According to A Speed Freak's Guide to Retrieving Data in ADO.

Fill(my Data Set) ' Close the connection my Connection. Behind the scenes, the Data Adapter is using a Data Reader to read in the results of the query and fill the Data Set. Once the Data Set has been filled, the connection can be closed and the Data Set's contents can still be examined and manipulated.

Since a Data Set represents a separate, disconnected collection of data, it's no surprise that the Data Set's data is both editable and can be accessed randomly, two traits not exhibited by the Data Reader.

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That is, the information retrieved from the database cannot be modified by the Data Reader, nor can the Data Reader retrieve records in a random order.

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