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In 8 CFR § 274a.2(b)(1)(v)(A)(3), the rule modifies the reference to temporary I-551 stamps on unexpired foreign passports to include pre-printed temporary I-551 notation on machine-readable immigrant visas (MRIVs); however, since the pre-printed notation is not included on Form I-94s, the rule does not make any changes to regulatory references to temporary I-551 stamps on Form I-94s.The interim final rule eliminates Forms I-688, I-688A, and I-688B (temporary resident card and older versions of the employment authorization card/document) from List A, new 8 CFR § 274a.2(b)(1)(v)(A).02/02/09 N – Only for use On and AFTER April 3, 2009) (444KB PDF) * Download I-9 (Revisado en 6/5/07 N – para utilizarse sólo ANTES del 3 de abril de 2009) (818KB PDF) * Download I-9 (Revisado en 02/02/09 N – para utilizarse sólo EN y después del 3 de abril de 2009) (443KB PDF) Employers must complete a Form I-9 for all newly hired employees to verify their identity and authorization to work in the U. The interim final rule will amend regulations governing the types of acceptable identity and employment authorization documents that employees may present to their employers for completion of the Form I-9. Employers must complete a Form I-9 for all newly hired employees to verify their identity and authorization to work in the U. The list of approved documents that employees can present to verify their identity and employment authorization is divided into three sections: List A (8 CFR § 274a.2(b)(1)(v)(A)) documents verify identity and employment authorization, List B (8 CFR § 274a.2(b)(1)(v)(B)) documents verify identity only, and List C (8 CFR § 274a.2(b)(1)(v)(C)) documents verify employment authorization only.Under the interim rule, employers will no longer be able to accept expired documents to verify employment authorization on the Form I-9.___________________ USCIS Publishes Interim Final I-9 Rule; New I-9 Form The interim final rule streamlining the employment eligibility verification (Form I-9) process that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), announced it submitted to the Federal Register on December 12, 2008, has now been published in the Federal Register along with a copy of the proposed new I-9 form at 73 Fed. The interim final rule removes the terms “unexpired” and “expired” from those documents currently listed in the regulations.Information from the employee’s I-9 is submitted to E-Verify for verification.

The rule also adds to List A of the Form I-9 in 8 CFR § 274a.2(b)(1)(v)(A) foreign passports containing specially-marked machine-readable visas and documentation for certain citizens of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI).Finally, HR Contacts and Delegates must be familiar with the paper version of the Form I-9 (PDF) and the Form I-9 Instructions.You should be prepared to provide the instructions included in the paper form to the employee while completing an electronic I-9.The Form I-9 and E-Verify are done electronically through a third party vendor.Only HR Contacts and HR Contact Delegates have access to the web-based system.

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All hiring managers and administrative support staff should be familiar with the federal deadlines for I-9 and E-Verify and the risks of non-compliance, as described on this page.

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