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[4] The RIIA is a registered charity of the Queen and, according to its annual reports, is funded largely by the Four Horsemen.

Former British Foreign Secretary and Kissinger Associates co-founder Lord Carrington was President of both the RIIA and the Bilderbergers.

The Roundtable takes its name from the legendary knight of King Arthur, whose tale of the Holy Grail is paramount to the Illuminati notion of Sangreal or holy blood. The Rothschilds, Lazards and Israel Moses Seifs pushed into the Middle East.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker was TC Chairman.

TC/CFR insider Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington, who most recently has argued for a “Clash of Civilizations” between the West and the Muslim world, wrote in the TC publication Crisis in Democracy, “…a government which lacks authority will have little ability short of cataclysmic crisis to impose on its people the sacrifices which may be necessary.” [12] The Illuminati The Illuminati serves as ruling council to all secret societies.

Its roots go back to the Guardians of Light in Atlantis, the Brotherhood of the Snake in Sumeria, the Afghan Roshaniya, the Egyptian Mystery Schools and the Genoese families who bankrolled the Roman Empire.

British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, who “handled” mafia-founder and 33rd Degree Mason Guiseppe Mazzini, alluded to the Illuminati in a speech before the House of Commons in 1856 warning, “There is in Italy a power which we seldom mention. Europe…is covered with a network of secret societies just as the surfaces of the earth are covered with a network of railroads.”[13] The Illuminati is to these secret societies what the Bank of International Settlements is to the Eight Families central bankers. The forerunners of the Freemasons -the Knights Templar- founded the concept of banking and created a bond market as a means to control European nobles through war debts.

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Their leading bloodline is the Villiers dynasty, which the Hong Kong Matheson family married into.

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