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In high school, boyfriend/ girlfriend was more an accessory used to decorate a sentence. ‘I’m goin’ to the movies with my boyfriend.’ To teenage girls, it sounds way cooler then, ‘I’m goin’ to the movies with Josh.’) But as you mature, the connotation behind bf/gf status is more about restrictions — not being able to sleep around, not being able to go to clubs every other night, and constant nagging about the aforementioned. COM) I agree with Wale when he said, “this is the one person entitled to every facet of me” and when he also said “you either married or single” but do you agree with what Wale had to say about relationships??

You can’t guarantee that putting a title on something that’s already flawed is going to make it better. Are we putting too much emphasis on boyfriend/girlfriend and in the process ruining a great friendship???

The only thing I can say with certainty is that once that relationship status is spelled out, something will change, for better or worse.

) stars as Joseph Hawthorne, a man whose wife was lost overboard when they were sailing.

What may appear as a mirror image of the stars above, the bioluminescence in the water is actually due to marine microbes called phytoplankton.

The effect it has on the shore is absolutely breathtaking.

Joseph’s untreated bipolar leads to mania, melancholia, and discussions on the beach with a gray whale (voiced by Jonathan Pryce). [click here to watch the trailer] Two people, each having bipolar (expertly played by Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby), meet in a psychiatric hospital and fall in love.

It essentially allows you to fuck who you want, when you want — without any significant repercussions.

I’ve also been in love with a woman who didn’t want commitment, but still treated our relationship as a monogamous situation.

Many people often mistake Keukenhof, also known as the Garden of Europe, as the designated space of the tulip fields.

However, these majestic fields are located just outside the garden and are mostly privately owned.

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But you can’t guarantee that not defining it will make the relationship less complicated. Does boyfriend/girlfriend mean putting restrictions on the relationship too soon??

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